My Publications

Consumer Response to Price Changes in Higher-Priced Brands.  Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 2017.  With Ava Huang, Larry Lockshin, Luke Greenacre.

Retaining the Primetime Television Audience.  European Journal of Marketing, 2016.  With Jenni Romaniuk, Virginia Beal, Bryony Jardine.

Testing the robustness of partitions identified from purchase duplication analysis.   Journal of Marketing Management, Vol 32, 7-8,  2016.    fulltext link or here is the pdf of the paper:  Sub-Brands & Partitions

How do Shoppers behave online ?  An observational study of online grocery shopping.   Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Vol 15, 3, 2015.  With Zach Anesbury, Magda Nenycz-Thiel, and Rachel Kennedy.  fulltext

Has Brand Loyalty Declined ?  A Longitudinal analysis of repeat purchase behavior in the US and UK.  Journal of Business Research, Vol 68, 2, 2015.  With Lars Meyer-Waarden and Carl Driesener. fulltext:  Has Loyalty Declined

Cigarette Brand Loyalty and Purchase Patterns: an Examination using US Panel data.  Journal of Business Research, 2014.  fulltext

Generalizations regarding growth and decline patterns of manufacturer and store brands.  Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 2014.  With Jenni Romaniuk and Magda Nenycz-Thiel.  fulltext

Reasons for variation in SCR among Private Label brands.   European Journal of Marketing,  2014.

Comparing retailer purchase patterns and brand metrics for in-store and online grocery purchasing.  Journal of Marketing Management, 30, 4, 2014.  With Magda Nenycz-Thiel.  fulltext: Buyer and Brand online offline

Analyzing the Intensity of Private Label Competition across Retailers.  Journal of Business Research.  66, 1, January 2013.  With Magda Nenycz-Thiel.

It’s a Dirichlet World – Modeling Individual’s Loyalties Reveals How Brands Compete, Grow and Decline.  Journal of Advertising Research, June 2012.  With Byron Sharp, Malcolm Wright, Carl Driesener, Lars Meyer-Waarden, Lara Stocchi, Philip Stern.

Brand-Pack Size Cannibalization Arising from Temporary Price Promotions.  Journal of Retailing, 88, 3, September 2012.

The persistence of Excess Loyalty across Multiple Years.  Marketing Letters, 21, 1, 2012. With Vipul Pare.

Competition for memory retrieval between private label and national brands.  Journal of Business Research, Vol. 63, 11, November 2010.  With Magda Nenyzc-Thiel, Jenni Romaniuk and Byron Sharp.

Consideration Sets for Financial Services Brands.  Journal of Financial Services Marketing, Vol 14, 3, December 2009.  With Kerry Mundt and Byron Sharp.

Brand Loyalty in the UK Sportswear Market.  International Journal of Market Research, Vol 51, 2, 2009. Brand Loy sports

Do Product Variants Appeal to Different Segments of Buyer within a Category? Journal of Product and Brand Management, Vol 18,2, 2009. With Giang Trinh and Larry Lockshin.

Generalised Pattern of Competition Across Tourism Destinations.  International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research, 2009.  With Jenni Romaniuk and Annabel Mansfield.

The Effect of Service Price Increases on Customer Retention: the Moderating Role of Customer Tenure and Relationship Breadth”.  Journal of Service Research, Vol 11, 3, 2009.

Note that due to post-acceptance copy-editing there are typographical errors in this paper relating to the price elasticity estimates.  The correct price elasticity estimates are -0.3 and -0.4, not -.03 and -0.4 as shown in a couple of places in the paper.  Also on p. 237 there is a figure of 0.03% pertaining to the change in the lapsing rate, this is meant to be 0.3%, again due to requested changes to the penultimate proof being made incorrectly by the publisher.

And would you BELIEVE Sage made a copyediting error in the CORRECTION !!!

Do data characteristics change according to the number of scale
points used ?  An experiment using 5 point, 7 point and 10 point scales
.  International Journal of Market Research, Vol. 50, 1, 2008.  This is my most cited paper.  fulltext: Scale points 2008 JD for SSRN new June 2016

Regularities in Buyer Behaviour and Brand Performance – the Case of Australian Beer.  Journal of Brand Management, Vol 15, 3, 2008.

Can A Brand outperform competitors on cross-category loyalty ?  An examination of of cross-selling metrics in two financial services markets.  Journal of Consumer Marketing Vol 23, 7, 2006.  With Kerry Mundt and Byron Sharp.

Interpretation of Brand Penetration Figures that are reported by sub-groups.  Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing  Vol 14, 2,  2006.

Recall of Radio Advertising in low and high advertising clutter formats.  International Journal of Advertising Vol 25, 1, 2006.  With Erica Riebe.

Loyalty to Price Tiers in Purchases of Bottled Wine.  Journal of Product and Brand Management Vol 14, 1, 2005.  With Jenni Romaniuk.

The Effects of a Massively Successful Promotion on Brand, Competitor and Category Sales.  Journal of Product and Brand Management Vol 13, 5, 2004.

Price changes and defection levels in a subscription-type market: can an estimation model really predict defection levels ?  Journal of Services Marketing Vol 18 No. 1 2004.

Interviewer Evaluations of Interview Quality.  Australasian Journal of Market Research, Vol 10, 2 2002.

A Marketing Economy of Scale – Big Brands Lose Less of their Customer Base.  Marketing Bulletin, Vol 13 2002.  With Erica Riebe, Byron Sharp and Nick Danenberg.

The Impact of Different Scale Anchors on Responses to the Verbal Probability Scale”.  Canadian Journal of Marketing Research, Vol 20, No. 1  2002.  With Erica Riebe.

Further Evidence on the Predictive Accuracy of the Verbal Probability Scale:  The case of Household Bill Payments in Australia.  Journal of Financial Services Marketing, March 2002.

Five Point vs Eleven Point Scales – Does it Make a Difference to Data Characteristics?  Australasian Journal of Market Research, January 2002.

What is Differentiation and How Does it Work.  Journal of Marketing Management, October 2001.  With Byron Sharp.

Do SERVQUAL dimensions emerge from Mystery Shopping data ?  A Test of Convergent Validity.  Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, Vol 16 No 2 2001.  With Michelle Lowndes.

The Effect of Mentioning a Scale Mid-point While Administering a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire Via Telephone.  Australasian Journal of Market Research, January, Vol 9 No. 1 2001.

Market Orientation and Company Profitability:  Further Evidence Incorporating Longitudinal Data. Australian Journal of Management, Vol 25 No. 2, 2000.

The Reliability and Validity of Objective Measures of Customer Service:  Mystery Shopping. Australasian Journal of Market Research 2000 January, Vol 8 No. 1.  With Byron Sharp.

The Impact of Question Wording Reversal on Probabilistic Estimates of Defection/Loyalty for a Subscription Product.  Marketing Bulletin, Vol 11, 2000.

The Relationship between Subjective and Objective Company Performance Measures in Market Orientation Research:  Further Empirical Evidence,  Marketing Bulletin Vol. 10 1999 .

Case Study – Doing a Market Assessment for an Unfamiliar Product,  Journal of Marketing Practice:  Applied Marketing Science, 1998, 4, (No. 8)  pp. 221-230.

Independent Empirical Support for Porter’s Generic Marketing Strategies?  A Re-analysis using Correspondence Analysis,  Journal of Empirical Generalisations in Marketing Science 1996, 1,  pp. 36-53.  With Byron Sharp.


Business Press / Industry publications

Can Consumers Really have Love Relationships with Brands ? (I think not.) Published in the AMA magazine ‘Marketing News’ December 2013.

Reports for Government

“Pricing Practices: their Effects on Consumer Behaviour and Welfare” Prepared for the Office of Fair Trading, UK.  2010.  In conjunction with Gorkan Ahmetoglou, Simon Fried, and Adrian Furnham.


Teaching cases

“Salty Snacks – an Excel Based exercise in understanding market structure”.  Published 2010.  Ivey Publishing, Richard Ivey School of Business.  Click here for the site.

Also published through ECCH, the European Case Clearing House.

Chapters in Books

Predictable Patterns in buyer behaviour and brand metrics: Implications for Brand Managers.  In: Perspectives on Brand Management, 2011.  Editor M.D. Uncles.  Tilde University Press Victoria, Australia.  ISBN 13-0-7346-1065-2