Free Data

Here is the data for the 2008 “Do Data Characteristics change According to the Number of Scale Points used”  paper.  Scale Points Data 2008

Here are some other data files that compare responses for scales of differing types.
A survey asking people to rate Taxicabs; a split sample answered using a 5-point and the other half answered using a zero to ten (11-point) scale.  scale points taxis data

A survey asking people to rate a University cafeteria using a split sample; one half rated it using a 1-5 scale, the other half rated it using a 0-10 scale.  scale points cafeteria data

These two datasets formed the basis of the paper “five point versus eleven point scales – does it make a difference to data characteristics” in 2001.

A service quality survey, respondents were asked how important certain aspects of service quality were, and then their financial institution’s performance on that aspect (like, “how important is tailoring products to your needs?” and then how would you rate X’s performance on tailoring products to your needs?).
Service Quality & Gap data