Current Projects

These are some projects I am working on now.

  1.  The Natural Monopoly Effect.  This is that big brands tend to appeal to (‘monopolise’) lighter buyers of the category.  I am investigating the prevalence and strength of this effect.
  2.  Price Promotions appeal mainly to existing brand buyers.  This is not a new topic but I feel it is important to extend our knowledge of promotion buying.  What I will be doing is comparing promo-buying households vs. normal / non promo households. So far I’ve found most households who buy a brand on promo have bought it at least once before in their last 5 purchase categories.  Just like normal-price buying households.
  3. Efficient Range management.  How to determine if your range (skus, sub-brands) is ‘efficient’ that is, whether you have some items that are unduly cannibalising your others.
  4. Does the ‘Double Jeopardy’ effect apply to value metrics like average spend per buyer ?  (yes, so far)
  5. Alcohol purchasing – does it follow a known statistical distribution, the NBD ?  If it does, that means the prevalence of light, medium and heavy purchasers of alcohol can be known from simply knowing the number who buy it at all and the average rate of purchasing in a year.